Dimeboot Coin Exchange

How does the exchange work?

Creating a coin exchange order is simple and done in a few simple steps. All it require is a working email address from you and your payment. - 1. Select the coin from/to and type amount you want to send. The result will show you what you get. - 2. Type your email address and submit the form. You will receive a one time PIN to fill in. - 3. After successful insert your PIN you will be taken to the checkout page with the order details. Make sure you pay the exact same coin amount shown o...

Are there any cost?

There are no fee or hidden cost. The value you see in the exchange box is the amount you pay and receive. The prices are live taken from online exchangers and will be updated every 5 minutes. Disclaimer: We reserve the right to cancel an exchange order if for some reason the coin price requested is not updated correct by a failure from 3rd part site. In such case you will be informed and returned the full payment already made.

How long does it take to get my coin?

A normal order is executed in the time-interval 1 hour to maximum of 12 hours. There are several factors to include such as time of arrival of your payment what also need blockchain confirmations and the time to make a new transfer to you, also need confirmation on the blockchain.

I sent a payment but still not received my coins?

If it has been more than 12 hours please open a support ticket and include all your transaction details, coin address and amount sent. If you sent a wrong coin amount the process can be halted until we are certain of who is the sender. In worse case we can not identify an transaction correct we may return the original transfer received.