Are you our new Ambassador?


Are you our new Ambassador?

We wish to cover larger areas and reach more communities with the words of Grailum coin. For this we open up the opportunity to hire you as our freelance ambassador for Grailum coin.  

Work are a paid per job on weekly basic where you send us your report of your activities for review approval and payment.

Salary will vary from 10 to 1000 GXM per done activity depending on the quality of your work, type, placement and response.


Bonus packet

If you after a full one month manage to get a salary more than 30,000GXM you will be honored with a Boottrader package of 25,000GXM in our Bitboots program and a permanent VIP status with daily earning level of 2.5% and commission on 9%.


If you are interested, have a well placed head and a good English linguistic knowledge please send us a ticket for contact and we will return more details to you.