Miners update!


Mining Grailum

As many of you already know you can mine Grailum coin from your home pc easy and painless with all the software we provide and a easy to connect mining portal of our own.

However there are still some confusion/questions around the payment of mining rewards how this part work.

Until we complete a new user-interface automate everything we do the payment of your mining reward manually to everyone requesting a status every Friday. We return with a status of your 7 days mining hash contribution, your share of reward and send you a payment. 

All you need to do is open a ticket and provide your gxm address used for mining on a kindly notice.


What can I expect?

Currently its easy for any small computer size to earn a decent reward mining from home. The numbers looks like a middle performing pc can do around 3000kb/s hash and earn somewhere between 60-80 gxm a week. Of course this number keep change as number of miners keep change so we can only speak of past observed.


If you have any question to mining Grailum or need help to setup please drop a ticket any time.


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