What is BootTrader and what it does?

BootTrader is a highly sophisticated software program developed over the last 2 years of highly skilled programmers on our team. The program gather continually data from all top known exchangers and use this data to execute pair trading across multiply exchange services on multiply coin pairs. With use of the vulnerability on todays many exchangers by cross-compare data gathered, weight trading volume, trendline and possible outcome together with our analyst code (bootTrader) we create our suc...

Can I get access to your code and use it?

Our code can of course not be revealed in details nor can it be contributed among others as this would mean the end of our own success.

How long is my deposit active?

Deposit to your BootTrader is always active, will never expire except if you request to cancel your plan, we can do this for you after 12 month by submit enquiry.

How fast will my BootTrader activate after deposit?

The 3 USD pay-methods are all instant setup to activate using payprocessor API For any coin deposit your BottTrader will activate shortly after transactions has final confirmed on the Blockchain networks. Time for blockchain confirmations can vary a lot and depend 100% on the speed of mining. We require between 6 and 12 confirmations depend on what coin type you use.

Can I deposit using different coin types?

You can deposit to your BootTrader using any coin type or currency we support. The system will recognise this and adjust BootTrader Level and earning level to match your total balance translated and displayed in USD Still your history transactions page will show details for each specific deposit in each type coin used

Will the earning levels change?

No, the current earning levels will not change in the future but remain stable.

I made my 2nd deposit but are still level 1?

Your Earning level will adjust automatic a few times a day and reflect your total BootTrader level for all future earnings.