Increase on Boottrader balance 750% offer!

Increase Boottrader balance Instantly. This apply only to those who already have a Boottrader balance other than GXM currency. As long as we are offering GXM sale you have the opportunity to take advance of the low rate and convert your USD or any other coin balance to GXM currency. You will increase your balance 50% on top on your current deposit instantly and possible your daily earning level as well. Soon as we hit the regular exchanges to buy/sell GXM the price will be set to a f...

What is BootTrader and what it does?

What is the boot trader? BootTrader is a highly sophisticated software program developed over the last 2 years of highly skilled programmers on our team. The program gather continually data from all top known exchanges and use this data to execute pair trading across multiply exchange services on multiply coin pairs. With use of the vulnerability on today's many exchanges by cross-compare data gathered, weight trading volume, trend-line and possible outcome together with our analyst code (bo...

Can I get access to your code and use it?

Source code Our boot trading source code can of course not be revealed in details nor can it be contributed among others as this would mean the end of our own success spreading a highly sophisticated program like that.

Earning level, days and plans!

Flexible earning level Your earning level will automatic be adjusted to fit your total deposit. In short this mean you can build up your level earnings as you get more money and all previous deposits will follow this new level. Even that you can use many different type of coins we compare the amount to USD to set your level. The levels you can reach are as following. - Level 1: 1.1% per day, $50 - $1200 - Level 2: 1.3% per day, $1200 - $2500 - Level 3: 1.6% per day, $2500 - $7500...

Can I make additional deposit and use other coins?

Multiply deposit and earning levels Yes, you can open multiply deposits on same account using any currency and coin mixed together. All deposit will increase your total deposit balance and increase earning level on all your deposit if a next level are reached. The levels you can reach are as following. - Level 1: 1.1% per day, $50 - $1200 - Level 2: 1.3% per day, $1200 - $2500 - Level 3: 1.6% per day, $2500 - $7500 - Level 4: 1.9% per day, $7500 - $15000 - Level 5: 2.2% per d...

How long is my deposit active?

Deposit activation time. Deposit to your Boot Trader is active a lifetime and will never expire. Cancellation can be done after 12 month by submit inquiry to support and has 100% guarantied backup policy insurance to cover the funds.

How fast will my BootTrader activate after deposit?

Boottrader deposit activation. For any type of currency you do not need to activate your BootTrader after payment has been done. The system will handle this for you. USD & BTC If you deposit using USD or BTC currency your plan will automatic activate soon payment has been completed or for BTC soon it has got 1 confirmation. All other coins Using any other type of coin for deposit, your BootTrader will activate shortly after transactions has final confirmed on the Blockchain net...

Redeposit using earnings

Redeposit using earnings You can reinvest your earnings every time you have the minimum of equality 10 USD in your balance for each currency type. This will help you faster reach a higher level total and therefor higher daily %

Can I deposit using different coin types?

Mixing the deposit currency types You can deposit using any type of supported currency to your Boottrader in any size. The system will recognize the type of currency and adjust Boottrader Level and earning level to match your total balance translated and displayed in USD Still your history transactions page will show details for each specific deposit in each type coin used.

I do not get any earnings on my coin deposit?

Missing earnings on coin deposit This only apply to coin deposit holders on Coins do drop in value from time to time, so if your initial coin deposit was equal to the minimum $50 USD and is now lower, than mean its below the range of the minimum $50 required and the plan stop accumulate the earnings until it rise again. Once your coin balance reach the minimum equality of $50 the earnings will generate again, also the days left out while the coin price was low. This leave...