Account management

I try to register but are stuck on the page!

Account registration. To register we need following info and a simple verification, - 1. Valid email address - 2. Your country of residence. - 3. A new password by your choices only contain number and letters. Please do not use special characters of any kind. When you click the SUBMIT a email confirmation code is required. Please check your email inbox or spam folder for the one time code we just sent to you. I can not find the email in my spam folder? (518541-I-did-not-get-an...

I did not get any email for verification?

Email Verification. You can not register, login, change account details without receiving our email so it is very important this part work. The server send all emails instantaneous to your email provider. However some email services are better than others so please make sure to use an email service with a high and fast delivery rate. Email samples ratings receive (by our experience) has a delivery rate on 100% has a delivery on 85% @hotmail.xx has a delivery rate ...

I forgot my password!

Getting a new password. If you forgot your password we can send you a new generated password to your email address. Follow the link and fill in the details. - Get Password (

Where can I find my user details?

User settings and management. After login you will find the user icon on top-bar right side. Here you can update your password, country and name. For any change of importance you need to type a one time PIN sent to your email. To add your payment details please click here (790330-How-do-I-add-my-cashout-details)

How do I add my cashout details?

Adding payment details After login go to your profile (552580-Where-can-I-find-my-user-details). If this is your first time, the right area below "Payment Details" will show no data. Click on the ADD MORE PAY METHOD button and fill in all currency you will be using. We also recommend fill in others that your referrals might use since payment commission will come in the currency your referral use.

Can I edit my email address?

Change Email address. Email is used to identify your account and can not be changed. However if you are having problem receiving our PIN verification emails we suggest you try whitelist our email domain name,,, or contact your email provider to help on this. In worse case we can change your email for you BUT you will need to have access to the old email to verify the ownership. We can not change any email that is no longer workable. ...

What deposit methods do you accept?

Currency accepted Currently we offering 37 types of deposit methods in different popular coins and 2 USD / FIAT deposit types. This number can vary as we add or remove some coin types. USD currency Can be done from ( and ( Credit Card / Debit Card Can be done from ( or one of many exchange's who provide this service. To find exchange's you will need to search for a local provider...