Grailum Blockchain

What is Grailum coin?

We did not find the Holy Grail ( but by creating Grailum I think we got pretty close! Grailum is created in the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto and his brilliant vision on a 100% decentralized network ledger technology without fear of double-spending, losing transfer/value and no interfering from big brother. 10 years has pass and the Blockhain had its up and downs with many child-diseases to overcome. Today we have entered a new era in blockchain and final...

How to get Grailum GXM coins?

How to get Grailum (GXM) coins There are several options to get GXM coins and get started - Purchase Grailum coin. - Mining GXM - Join the AirDrop program Buy Grailum coin and get a 750% value increase. Buy before GXM start on the exchanges and get 50% on top plus 5 times the GXM value plus. Soon as we hit the regular exchanges to buy/sell GXM the price will be set to a fixed price of 1USD per 1GXM. We can do this as we let Grailum work as a normal online payment p...

Do you have a whitepaper?

Whitepaper PDF format You can read/download our whitepaper by click on the link below or visit our main page on (

Grailum GXM AirDrop coins

Grailum AirDrop Help us strengthen the Grailum community. We are currently offering two types of AirDrop to help the Grailum Blockchain grow and being used on a wider community. The AirDrop program will change over time with different promotions so please check in here for last updates. - Option 1. Refer people and get free coins (Unlimited GXM) (ongoing) - Option 2. Get a free 250 GXM BootTrader plan (250 GXM) (ongoing) - Option 3. Get a free 100 GXM by writing a Testimonial (1...

How many coins are currently available?

Coins produced (GXM) Since the Grailum blockchain are live, GXM are mined and increase every day. However the upper level that can be generated is 84mill.GXM We provide a blockchain information page where all live numbers are displayed in real time. That include details of coin-count, blocks, transaction, hash-rate and balances separately on everything created and moving on the Grailum blockchain. The Grailum blockchain information page is available here. Pre-...

Where can I find your source-code?

GitHub open-source code All Grailum source-code are available on GitHub ( where developers can contribute with their work and take part of Grailum creation. The final distributed code files can be downloaded here (

Can I get my own GXM address?

Getting a private Grailum wallet Getting a private Grailum address can be done in two ways. Online wallet You can register a private account on our website We will provide you with your own private Grailum wallet and option to send and receive Grailum coin instant via our server node API call. Run your own wallet We provide the software to run a full Grailum Core wallet ( (node) on your computer and server. Software are...

Can I mine Grailum?

Mining Grailum coin We offer mining tools to any who wish to earn GXM and same time it will help the ledger. You can run your own mining pool ( on a server or use our mining tools ( using your own equipment or computer. Either way we support tools to both CPU and GPU mining from Windows/Mac computer and Linux server. Please visit for details and download of software or https://grail...

How much is the mining reward?

Grailum mining reward Grailum mining reward started with 100 coins GXM and will split in half on every 210,000 block created. Block creation time is set to 1 block every 0.5 minutes. UPDATE Grailum block has now split successfully in two for the 2nd. time in its life on block creation number 420,000 Currently mining reward are now on 25GXM per block.

When do I get my mining reward paid?

Mining reward payment Until we complete a new user-interface automate everything we do the payment of your mining reward manually to everyone requesting a status every Friday. We return with a status of your 7 days mining hash contribution, your share of reward and send you a payment. All you need to do is open a ticket and provide your gxm address used for mining on a kindly notice. Please send request on Fridays only and expect up to 24 hours for complete.