What is Grailum coin?

Grailum coin is created in the spirit of the good old genius of Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin blockchain to bring back what it really was meant to be before several instances changed its true nature and purpose by creating segwit, BCH, slowing it down and make it vulnerable. Bitcoin was originally meant to scale on-chain, added a forced hard limit to increase as the network expands. Those who opposed against never understood the true forces. Technology grows at an exponential rate. This is express...

How many coins are currently available?

There are currently 500,000 coin for sale and will increase as time pass and coins get mined.

When will Grailum hit the exchangers?

Once again, this is all about preparation ahead. Soon we have secured the base we will be ready to register the main exchangers. A estimated best guess will be in first half year of 2019.

Can I mine Grailum?

Currently only we mine Grailum. It require large resources to final free the software for mining and not run into the 51% attack before we are all prepared. It has to be carefully planned and done in small save steps.

Will Grailum price rise?

When Grailum start hit the exchangers the fate of price is sole to the marked and request to buy. We will have no influence on the marked price. However since we offer the first 500,000 coins to a lucrative low 20 cents per coin we believe great gains can be made by individuals.

Is Grailum the new Bitcoin?

No, Bitcoin is unique on its own. Our hope is that we can contribute with a same unique solution without being a competitor what is never our purpose. We believe there are plenty of room for both coins and other.

I bought Grailum, can I sell it again?

Soon Grailum hits the exchangers you can. Until then you should see it as an investment with hopefully a good return on price.