Mining from Windows computer


Mining from a Windows computer

Download the Windows CPUminer from our site and unzip to a folder of your choice.
Get file here


To start the mining we need to run a command prompt.


One of the quickest ways to launch the Command Prompt, in any modern version of Windows, is to use the Run window. A fast way to launch this window is to press the Win + R keys on your keyboard. Then, type cmd or cmd.exe and press Enter or click/tap OK

Once the Command prompt runs you need to navigate to the folder where you unzipped the file cpuminer.

If you stored the file in folder C:\Users\<myuser>\mining\

then navigate to this folder by type cd mining\


Once in correct folder you can copy and paste the command to start the mining.

minerd -o stratum+tcp:// -a sha256d -u xxxx -p x

For the -u xxxx you replace xxxx with your personal Grailum address

For the -p xxxx you replace xxxx with a password of your choice. We will later support a user-interface to login and view log file and status.


Mining will now connect the server and run itself using your CPU power and look some similar like this


To stop mining simply just close the prompt window


Some virus programs might delete your cpuminer file treat it as a threat. In such case manually add a rule in your virus program to allow the miner to run or disable the virus program while running the mining.