Happy New Year 2019





Grailum wish you a healthy happy & prosperous New Year 2019.

Looking ahead Grailum do have a lot to offer to make this wish come true for you. 2019 will be a year to remember by many coin enthusiasts taking part of our program and many new who join.



Some key-point to look forward to.

  • 1st. quarter: Grailum.com become a online Grailum wallet service to send/receive Grailum coins. Coin-sale will still be possible for the low price of 20cents per 1GXM + 50% on top when transferring to you. Coin-sale will stop when Grailum hit the exchanges.
  • 2nd. quarter: Grailum coin will be added to several online exchange services to buy/sell GXM for the set price of 1GXM = 1USD. Currently we are preparing contracts to a few hundred regular processor exchange sites.
  • 3rd.quarter: Grailum coin will be added to leading key exchanges trading sites. Important to notice that from this point, the GXM price will follow the normal regulated marked price set by request and demand.
  • 4th. quarter: Grailum Lightning network nodes will be setup on a testing network.



Accomplished key-points in 2018.

2018 was the year of Production for Grailum Lab Limited and Grailum Limited. A long list of products was successfully introduced and brought to life.

  • Grailum sale website.
  • Coin Boottrader software and website.
  • Coin exchanges.
  • Multi-coin long storage coin wallet.
  • Support portal and information site.
  • Grailum Lab Limited main site.
  • Grailum GitHub software publishing.
  • Grailum daemon wallet creation
  • Grailum mining portal and mining software.
  • Grailum Blockchain created.
  • Grailum Blockchain info and search site.


Of course this is the key-point accomplished as much more was done in between. However a fantastic accomplishment of a successful and well established business thanks to your support and the Grailum team who made it possible.

20,000+ members joined Grailum online services in the first 4 month with an average of now 500 new registrations per day, 100,000 site hits per day on our sites together.


We can only encourage you to take advance of our Airdrop promotion, start mining Grailum, or purchase a chunk of GXM coins before things get really serious. The grailum pre-sale will stop soon the exchanges get connected what gives you approximate 4-6 month left to build up your GXM balance.


How to get GXM?

  • Free GXM Airdrop
  • Grailum mining cpu/gpu
  • Grailum pre-sale only 20cents per GXM + 50% on top when transfer.


Thank you for a fantastic 2018. We can not wait for yet another amazing year in new year 2019.


Best regards,
Grailum Limited

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