I did not get any email for verification?


Email Verification.

You can not register, login, change account details without receiving our email so it is very important this part work. The server send all emails instantaneous to your email provider. However some email services are better than others so please make sure to use an email service with a high and fast delivery rate.


Email samples ratings receive (by our experience)
@gmail.com has a delivery rate on 100%
@yandex.com has a delivery on 85%
@hotmail.xx has a delivery rate on 70%
@Yahoo.xx has a delivery rate 50%



I did not get my email, what should I do?

  1. First thing is to check your bulk/spam folder. For a first time email from us to you, you might need to tell your email client that you want our email to pass though. Please mark email as NOT-SPAM or add our address to your contact list. It is also possible setup a email rule in settings most places.
  2. If you still not got the email you can contact your email provider and inform them to allow our emails pass through and its important for you to receive our emails.
  3. Alternate you can ask us to change your email for you or if you just try register, then try register again using a more stable email service.