ckPool Mining Pool Installation


ckPool Mining pool installation guide Linux 64 bit server

Installing and configuring ckpool mining pool. You should already have installed the Grailum core on same server by now.


Upload the file on server and follow this steps

$ cd ~
$ tar xzf ckpool.v1.tgz
$ cd ckpool
$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make -j4

The above steps will build ckpool binary in src directory.


Before executing the ckpool, the following changes need to be done in ckpool.conf file to communicate with the Grailum core you already installed.


Open the file in directory ckpool and edit file ckpool.conf

"gxmd" :  [
                "url" : "localhost:53002",
                "auth" : "rpcgrailum",
                "pass" : "rpcgrailum",
                "notify" : true

This will define the port used by grailum core and the user/password to communicate.


"gxmaddress" : "GgmcuQMMmum72LD8PD5645S7dxAVnPq2Ag"

Make sure to add your Grailum address as above.


"serverurl" : [
        "<serverIP>:5555",                    stratum mining pool address used by miners

As the last edit in same file you add the server IP. Do not change any else.


You can now save the file and start mining pool from command prompt

$  ./src/ckpool    

Mining pool will run as long terminal remain open


Alternate to let it run continually use following code

$  nohup ./src/ckpool &


If you have any problem connect mining user its always a good idea check port is correct open by this command

$  netstat -tuplen   (check ports open)