Grailum Core Installation guide Linux


Grailum Core Installation guide Linux

Linux installation is done through command line shell with a program as PuTTY or similar. Note that this is just the basic installation to start your own full node


Open your console and login as user or root depend on how and where you want to install the daemon and navigate destination you choose.


When in correct destination use following command to download the daemon encrypted file to where you are.

#    wget


Run command to unzip the file

#    tar -xf grailum-1.1.0.tar.gz


Now enter the new folder

#    cd grailum-1.1.0


Create a directory where you want to run the daemon from. You can name and place it anywhere fit you best. Below is just a sample to call it gxm. Do not name the folder grailum/ as this is used for the data directory and created first time you start your daemon.

#    mkdir ~/gxm


Now copy the files at your same destination to the new folder.

#    cp -R * ~/gxm


You are now ready to start the Grailum daemon for the first time with following command .

#    ~/gxm/grailumd -daemon

Soon as the daemon start it will create the data directory grailum/ and start download blockchain data.


Good practice is to clean up and delete your zip file and temporary folder.

#    rm -fr grailum-1.1.0
#    rm -f grailum-1.1.0.tar.gz



The grailum daemon use all the same commands and functionality as you know from the Bitcoin daemon, so things should be familiar and easy to use.



Setup the .conf file

Always set a user and password to your daemon. This is done by creating a new file grailum/grailum.conf

BUT before adding it you need shut down the daemon.

#    ./grailum-cli stop


Now create your grailum.cont file in the grailum directory and open to edit. Start by put this lines as in sample below.



When file is saved you can now start the daemon again. Any time you edit the conf file you will need to stop and tart daemon for it to take effect




Most used commands listed


#   ./grailumd -daemon 
#   ./grailumd -daemon -rescan
#   ./grailumd -daemon -reindex
#   ./grailumd -daemon -deprecatedrpc=generate
#   ./grailum-cli stop
#   ./grailum-cli getwalletinfo
#   ./grailum-cli getnetworkinfo
#   ./grailum-cli getblockchaininfo
#   ./grailum-cli getblockcount
#   ./grailum-cli getbalance
#   ./grailum-cli getbalance "*" 6
#   ./grailum-cli getaddressinfo GLAubF7tZrPGrkCb3F9fUzgHYFFSYYwXTa
#   ./grailum-cli getnewaddress 
#   ./grailum-cli getrawtransaction
#   ./grailum-cli getpeerinfo
#   ./grailum-cli addnode "" "add"
#   ./grailum-cli sendtoaddress GLAubF7tZrPGrkCb3F9fUzgHYFFSYYwXTa 1.10004 
#   ./grailum-cli listtransactions
#   ./grailum-cli listunspent
#   ./grailum-cli listaddressgroupings
#   ./grailum-cli listlabels