How many coins are currently available?


Coins produced (GXM)

Since the Grailum blockchain are live, GXM are mined and increase every day. However the upper level that can be generated is 84mill.GXM

We provide a blockchain information page where all live numbers are displayed in real time.

That include details of coin-count, blocks, transaction, hash-rate and balances separately on everything created and moving on the Grailum blockchain.


The Grailum blockchain information page is available here.


Pre-mined coins

We have created a single block of 5 million GXM for sale to those who do not wish to mine the coin but just need to obtain them. Since this coins was created before-hand this will be sold for a very lucrative price for only USD 20cents per GXM. Furthermore you will get 50% GXM on top when we transfer the GXM to your private GXM address.