Grailum GXM AirDrop coins


Grailum AirDrop

Help us strengthen the Grailum community.

We are currently offering two types of AirDrop to help the Grailum Blockchain grow and being used on a wider community. 

The AirDrop program will change over time with different promotions so please check in here for last updates.


  1. Option 1. Refer people and get free coins (Unlimited GXM) (ongoing)
  2. Option 2. Get a free 250 GXM BootTrader plan (250 GXM) (ongoing)
  3. Option 3. Get a free 100 GXM by writing a Testimonial (100 GXM) (ongoing)
  4. Option 4. Need a job? We are hiring Freelancers (Unlimited GXM)(ongoing)





Option 1. Refer people and get free coins (ongoing)

To help getting more attention and establish a wider community we offer a affiliate program on with a 20% Airdrop GXM on any sale to one of your referrals made no matter size of their purchase.

Only you have to do is spread the words and your personal affiliate link to the site. It is not required purchase of your own GXM so this service comes absolutely Free for all.

Available tools

  • Graphic banner images for free use on your website, blog or forum or as a email signature.
  • Email invitation with text and URL to send to people you know.
  • Personal affiliate link to give to people you know.




Option 2. Get a Free 250 GXM Trading plan. (ongoing)

Until end of June 2019 we welcome new members who become active in our investment site with a extra free investment plan of a 250GXM.



  • Any member who bought a active Boottrader deposit will get a free extra 250GXM Boottrader deposit.
  • Any member who bought a active Boottrader deposit will get a free extra 250GXM Boottrader deposit.



  1. 1. Register a member account at
  2. 2. Deposit to your Boottrader balance minimum Level 1 (start $50) using any type of the currency/coin we support.



We will offer more promotions that change over time. To get last offers available please visit our main page on this link for details.




Option 3. Write a Testimonial. (ongoing)

What do you think of our services and business, how is your experience with us?


Write a short personal testimonial to help newcomers get an idea what its like being part of Grailum. Minimum 250 characters and unique 1 per person receive 100gxm bonus on your balance or your personal grailum wallet.

Write and submit your testimonial here on our Community Forum


After submit your testimonial please submit a ticket with your Grailum account ID or Grailum address on




Option 4. Need a job? We are hiring Freelancers (ongoing)

Are you our new Ambassador?

We wish to cover larger areas and reach more communities with the words of Grailum coin. For this we open up the opportunity to hire you as our freelance ambassador for Grailum coin.

Work are a paid per job on weekly basic where you send us your report of your activities for review approval and payment.

Salary will vary from 10 to 1000 GXM per done activity depending on the quality of your work, type, placement and response.


Bonus packet

If you after a full one month manage to get a salary more than 30,000GXM you will be honored with a Boottrader package of 25,000GXM in our Bitboots program and a permanent VIP status with daily earning level of 2.5% and commission on 9%.

If you are interested, have a well placed head and a good English linguistic knowledge please send us a ticket for contact and we will return more details to you.


You will find more detail job description here