Grailum GXM AirDrop coins


Grailum AirDrop

Help us strengthen the Grailum community.

We are currently offering two types of AirDrop to help the Grailum Blockchain grow and being used on a wider community. 

The AirDrop program will change over time with different promotions so please check in here for last updates.


  1. Run your own Grailum wallet
  2. Refer people and get free coins





1. Run your own Grailum wallet (limited time)

Install and run a full node Grailum wallet on your computer Windows/Mac 64bit or on your Linux server. We will send you 100GXM when you provide us your personal Grailum address.


Just follow the steps below

  1. Download and install last wallet version. Instructions and guideline are available
  2. Register a private account on our page
  3. Open a ticket and send us your new account ID together with your Grailum wallet address Gxxxxx.....


NOTE: Transfer of GXM to you will be done within a few weeks from you submit the ticket so we recommend you keep your wallet active most time possible.




2. Refer people and get free coins (limited time)

To help getting more attention and establish a wider community we offer a affiliate program on with a 20% Airdrop GXM on any sale to one of your referrals made no matter size of their purchase.

Only you have to do is spread the words and your personal affiliate link to the site. It is not required purchase of your own GXM so this service comes absolutely Free for all.


Available tools

  • Graphic banner images for free use on your website, blog or forum or as a email signature.
  • Email invitation with text and URL to send to people you know.
  • Personal affiliate link to give to people you know.


We will offer more promotions that change over time. To get last offers available please visit our main page on this link for details.