Increase on Boottrader balance 750% offer!


Increase Boottrader balance Instantly.

This apply only to those who already have a Boottrader balance other than GXM currency.


As long as we are offering GXM sale you have the opportunity to take advance of the low rate and convert your USD or any other coin balance to GXM currency. You will increase your balance 50% on top on your current deposit instantly and possible your daily earning level as well.

Soon as we hit the regular exchanges to buy/sell GXM the price will be set to a fixed price of 1USD per 1GXM. We can do this as we let Grailum work as a normal online payment processor until we finally release Grailum to the trading exchanges end of this year. From that point the value will follow marked and demand as normal. However the strength for Grailum will be the large community of users already established at that point.

You now have the opportunity of a lifetime to increase your value 750% in few month..


  • Convert 2,000 USD = 10,000 GXM
  • 50% on top = 15.000 GXM
  • Value when hit exchanges = 15,000 USD


With a 50% increase of your total balance your earning levels might reach new highs. Still that depend on your total earning level




Converting your balance to GXM your earnings will also be given in GXM and cashout will be made to your personal Grailum wallet. This is a financial proposal and we do not approve to reverse the change if you already agreed to make this conversion.

If you not have the Grailum wallet installed yet you can get it here as a free open source code Grailum Core (full node) here.

We support a full node automated payment with instant deposit and cashout to the Grailum blockchain with no fee for your service.


To apply please submit a ticket with your Account ID and inform what balance you want to convert.