What is Grailum coin?


We did not find the Holy Grail but by creating Grailum I think we got pretty close!

Grailum is created in the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto and his brilliant vision on a 100% decentralized network ledger technology without fear of double-spending, losing transfer/value and no interfering from big brother.

10 years has pass and the Blockhain had its up and downs with many child-diseases to overcome. Today we have entered a new era in blockchain and finally settling down on a good working solution. Still a lot of work need to be done and will never end as we as a civilization keep evolve in all directions as should we.

Unfortunately we find Bitcoin got to much interference from to many groups who all want a saying how it should be so we decided the easiest way is start our own Blockchain from point of where we are now today and develop our own ideas into as what we believe.

Grailum blockchain is an experimental blockchain build on the bitcoin daemon with eye to improve the overall coding to our ideology and believe.


Let me point out

This is not yet another token depending on financial token sale to get the idea started or a get rich quick theme.

  • We already provided all necessary code and software.
  • We already have a Grailum Blockchain up running.
  • We already have mining out there up running to create coins.
  • We already give you the opportunity to join and start mining from your pc or laptop.
  • We already give you the opportunity to run your own GXM wallet and use it.


Please open our Whitepaper for more details