What is Grailum coin?

Grailum coin is created in the spirit of the good old genius of Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin blockchain to bring back what it really was meant to be before several instances changed its true nature and purpose by creating segwit, BCH, slowing it down and make it vulnerable.

Bitcoin was originally meant to scale on-chain, added a forced hard limit to increase as the network expands. Those who opposed against never understood the true forces. Technology grows at an exponential rate. This is expressed in both Moore's Law and The Law of Accelerating Returns. Bitcoin should scale on-chain so that everyone can use it as cash comparable to Visa/Mastercard. Unfortunately to many was against this for own interest.

We can not re-create Bitcoin or call us Bitcoin but Grailum will be build and honor the true call of Bitcoin and ensure the livity of the blockchain technology lives on. We will supervise and provide the code to ensure this is strictly enforced. Still any code will be open for any to work on.

If you are unaware of what is going on in the Bitcoin community there are some very good articles written by Sterlin Lujan and John Blocke to read.