I can not login?


Account login

Login are done from the lock-icon top of page or by direct link /login.php.

Once you entered your login details you will be prompted for a one time PIN sent to your email. 


I enter the PIN but keep get fail?

There can be several reasons you can not login with your one time PIN

  • You enter a wrong or old PIN.
    Solution: Please login from a new browser window and request a new login PIN
  • You just requested new password and try login on same page.
    Solution: Please close the last browser window and start new season in new window.
  • You use some tool or proxy that filter or block for use of cookies/season.
    Solution: Please disable this tools and use a regular connection and start on a new browser window.


    Since the season run in your browser memory the most common issue just need a new browser windows and get a fresh start. This should be your first step to try.