How to get Grailum GXM coins?


How to get Grailum (GXM) coins

There are several options to get GXM coins and get started

  • Purchase Grailum coin.
  • Mining GXM
  • Join the AirDrop program



Buy Grailum coin and get a 750% value increase.

Buy before GXM start on the exchanges and get 50% on top plus 5 times the GXM value plus.

Soon as we hit the regular exchanges to buy/sell GXM the price will be set to a fixed price of 1USD per 1GXM. We can do this as we let Grailum work as a normal online payment processor until we finally release Grailum to the trading exchanges end of this year. From that point the value will follow marked and demand as normal. However the strength for Grailum will be the large community of users already established at that point.

You now have the opportunity of a lifetime to increase your value 750% in few month..


  • Buy 10,000 GXM = 2,000 USD
  • 50% on top when transfer to you = 15.000 GXM
  • Value when hit exchanges = 15,000 USD

You can register a private account on our website and purchase GXM using 34 different popular coins and USD on 2 popular USD payment processors who also support credit card/ debit card and banking wire. This should give you plenty of options get started.

You can already now run your own private wallet on your computer or server by downloading the Grailum Core (full node) here.

Soon you have your own wallet we can transfer your purchase to you. Alternate you can let the balance stay on your online balance until you are ready.



Mining GXM

We have setup a mining pool for all to join and provide you with the program and installation guide how to get started. Mining can be done from any unit running Linux, Windows or MacOS.



Join the AirDrop program

We are offering AirDrop program of different kind as promotion. This offerings will change over time.
To get last offers available please visit our main page on this link for details.